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Strong Series PLUS: Building Momentum

  • 4Weeks
  • 84Steps

Embrace the power of momentum with our Strong Series PLUS: Building Momentum. This program takes you beyond the basics, pushing your limits and intensifying your workouts in the second month of your fitness journey. Building Momentum is not just physical strength; it's about developing mental resilience and adopting a consistent routine to achieve your fitness goals. Expect heart-pumping cardio and strength training workouts that challenge and inspire you, transforming you along the way. But we're not stopping there. Alongside workouts, you'll receive comprehensive health and nutrition advice, learn stress-relieving mindfulness techniques, and benefit from our unwavering support. Our mission is simple: build on the foundation established in month one and keep that momentum soaring. Remember, "You're already on your way to building strength. Let's keep that momentum going and take your fitness to the next level!" Over 4 weeks, your workout schedule looks like this: Monday: IGNITE Tabata Strong45 Live or On Demand Workout Tuesday: Power Strong: Full Body Strength Workout 1 Wednesday: IGNITE Workout, Cardio or Active Recovery Thursday: Power Strong: Full Body Strength Workout 2 Friday: IGNITE On Demand Workout Saturday: Cardio or IGNITE Workout Sunday: Rest/Recovery Day Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. Join the Strong Series PLUS online training today and start your journey towards a stronger, healthier you. The time to build momentum is now.

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Strong Series PLUS Online Training, $99.00/month

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