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Proven Results: Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Fitness Programs

I’ve been taking Tabata Boot Camp with awesome instructor Deb Goodge for 10 years.  I enjoy and look forward to doing this excellent high-energy workout weekly since it combines cardio with strength-training and no boot camp session is ever the same. 

Tabata was the change I needed.  I had been doing mostly cardio workouts my entire life and knew I needed to incorporate total body strength training into my weekly workouts but didn’t know exactly how to do this until I started with Deb.  It has transformed my overall physical shape and enabled me to gain tremendous strength and flexibility.


After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2018, I was fortunate to be introduced to Deb Goodge. Deb is a certified personal trainer with years of experience in working with persons interested in improving or maintaining their health.  In my case, Deb searched and attended the APDA Parkinson’s Disease Training for Fitness Professions to identify the best exercises for Parkinson’s patients and has helped me both physically and mentally in dealing with the effects of the disease.  She has been very accommodating throughout the pandemic and has been flexible on scheduling both in person or zoom sessions.  I attribute my success in handling my disease to Deb’s physical training sessions. 

I highly recommend Deb Goodge as an outstanding trainer for others with Parkinson’s Disease.  She is a kind, caring person who is passionate about the benefits of physical exercise.


Thanks to Deb my lifestyle is changing. As I age, I have more confidence to try new exercises, and stamina for new activities.  I have improved my blood chemistry and mobility as well.  Together we have rehabilitated several injuries and body aches over the years.  


Every session is tailored to my changing needs, abilities, and goals.  She keeps me motivated and measures my progress.  Best of all she finds different ways to work all the muscle groups.  I especially like that about Deb the Trainer.


I started taking Deb’s Tabata Bootcamp class in 2012, and I have to continued to take it ever since.  I look forward to her zoom classes every week as Deb is an excellent instructor!   She is patient, friendly and encouraging. She makes working out fun!  Most importantly, she pushes you to do your best so that you see results. Every class is challenging and different. I really appreciate all she’s helped me achieve over the years in terms of my fitness goals!  


I have been taking Deb’s weekly Tabata Bootcamp for about 7 yrs.   It is an excellent all-around workout for those who are pressed for time.  It is suitable for all levels of fitness.  Deb provides different options to modify movements for lower or higher impact, as desired.


I do not like to exercise.  But at the start of 2018, a coworker encouraged me to join Deb’s Tabata Bootcamp with her.  I signed up and 5 years later still join her class twice per week.  Deb combines a good mix of aerobic and weight intervals with options for your ability level.  I highly recommend her class. I have seen my balance, strength and overall fitness improve as a result.


I came to Deb in my late 50's with knee and back issues, hoping to get back in shape, drop some lbs and gain strength, agility, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing. Deb's friendly, open- minded and professional approach put me at ease giving me confidence to push myself to reach my goals! She was extremely patient, paying close attention to ensuring I did not aggravate my knees and lower back during our workouts. Deb designed a program customized to my unique needs and had alternate workouts ready in real time if something wasn't working during a training. Deb has great passion and enthusiasm for her work, stays open-minded and flexible, always keeping my best interests top of mind during our workouts; she is a natural. It was also clear to me immediately that my goals were Deb's goals and that she cared deeply about the results of my training. Through Deb's personal training, approach, I met my goals and became motivated to participate in other forms of regular exercise like cycling and hiking. I highly recommend Deb and give her an A+ rating as a personal trainer- in short she is the ultimate professional and a rockstar!


Prior to IDG, my weight fluctuated drastically and had chronic pain. I started with IDG Fitness in 2020 during the pandemic. Deb made sure I didn’t gain any pandemic weight. When I was pregnant, I continued the twice a week Tabata schedule up until 2 days prior to delivery. Deb made sure to give so many options specifically for pregnant women! I started back up in July 2023 when Deb launched the IDG fitness website - what an amazing resource of information and access to great workouts and challenges! I love that she expanded the live class schedule. My favorite is to couple the Core Strong30 and Tabata Strong45 on Mondays. I’ve also completed the Fall into Fitness challenge. This really pushes me to be accountable to get the workouts in and build overtime. In two months, I’ve lost nearly 10lbs, my energy levels are up and my cardio fitness level has reached an “above average” status. Most importantly, I no longer have pain.

Kelsie P.

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