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  • If I am a beginner or not already in shape will I be okay to take Strong Series IGNITE Live Virtual Classes &/or On Demand Classes?
    Yes! All our classes are created for you to challenge yourself and work at your own pace. We provide beginner to advanced moves for all exercises so you can set your own level of difficulty based on your fitness level.
  • What’s the difference between online Strong Series ELITE Online Fitness Coaching and the Strong Series PLUS Online Training?
    Experience the ultimate fitness journey with Strong Series ELITE Online Fitness Coaching. Our elite fitness coach starts by assessing your lifestyle to create a personalized training program that suits your unique needs and goals. With unlimited access to your coach, you receive expert guidance and support every step of the way, ensuring maximum results. Weekly and monthly check-ins help track your progress, so you can unleash your full potential. For an affordable and effective web-based training program, choose Strong Series PLUS Online Training. You'll receive access to a dynamic new training plan every 4 weeks and have the freedom & convenience to build a stronger and healthier body, boost energy levels, and enhance daily performance. Any changes to the plan must be self-implemented based on guidance from your fitness coach. Monthly check-ins and weekly email communications provide all the support you need to stay on track. Both programs offer free access to IDG Fitness apps, a nutrition tracking app and Strong Series IGNITE live virtual and on-demand workouts as well as all Challenges. Take the first step towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle and join the Strong Series community today.
  • Do I need equipment?
    IDG Fitness designs sessions for all fitness levels. We offer a variety of sessions with minimal equipment. Typically, we use bodyweight, dumbbells, risers (step/chair), resistance bands, gliders & kettlebells.
  • How do I join a live virtual class via zoom?
    Sign up for your own free Zoom account. Go to the Zoom sign-up page ( and enter your email address. You will receive an email from Zoom ( In this email, click Activate Account. Once you have an account click on the zoom link for the live virtual class you selected.
  • If I miss a live virtual workout can I take it on demand?
    Yes! You can access all live virtual workouts on demand as individual workout rentals and as part of the Strong Series IGNITE Monthly Subscription (best value). Go to our main menu & create an account , then select IGNITE On Demand Workouts. We typically have the on demand class available same day, as well as several other classes to choose from.
  • How often will workouts be added to on demand library?
    We will be adding at least 1- 2 new Strong Series IGNITE workouts every week! We are building an on-demand library of over 100 workouts.
  • Will my monthly membership automatically renew?
    If you select a monthly subscription, it will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 3 days before the end of the current billing period.
  • How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
    To cancel your subscription, simply go to the Member tab, choose the subscriptions option, and click on cancel subscription. Even if you cancel, you can still use your subscription until the time period you paid for ends.
  • What do I do if I forget my username or password?
    Go to site login and select Forgot Password.
  • Who can I contact for customer support?
    The answers to several common questions can be found here in our FAQs. However, if you require additional assistance, we can be contacted via email at We respond to requests within 24-48 hours.
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